Be aware that some images depict dead bodies and extreme graphic mutilation. They are included because the events of the 1921 Massacre were real and deserve our respectful attention.

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A Postcard showing a group of African-Americans and armed Whites in civilian attire standing on a road. There is a building and two vehicles behind the crowd. One man is refilling the radiator of one of the vehicles. Title is taken from the writing on the face of the postcard.
POstcard gallery
Photographic print of several people standing near a truck, most particularly a woman with a boy and young girl.
joseph mcminn hause photograph gallery
A photographic print showing the burning along Archer the morning of the 1st. This photo was taken north across Elgin Ave. and the Frisco tracks towards Greenwood Ave. (From Dreyfus Bros. Co. on the left to Goodner-Malone on the right at Frankfurt). "32" printed on back. "Riot Tulsa, June 1 1921" written on back. Photos 24-28 are from the same development batch, and notes are in the same handwriting
“32” print batch gallery
A photographic reproduction of a photo taken of the Crowd looking North up Elgin Ave. from Davenport St, watching the Mt. Zion Baptist Church burn "G11 of 28" written on back. Title supplied by cataloger.
African-American detainees with their hands raised being led into the Convention Center during the Tulsa Race Riots.
francis a. schmidt photograph gallery
Burned out car on side of the road.
leon and maxine wiandt photograph gallery
Print of burned-out office buildings, with stripped trees.
sarah blackwood postcard gallery
African-American woman and girl sitting on a porch swing, both dressed in coats and hats, by the side of a house.
before the massacre: gallery of unidentified african-american residents
Overhead photograph of African-American men lined up to receive food at the McNulty baseball park.
Partial clipping of the top headline of the June 1, 1921 First Extra edition of The Tulsa Tribune. Headlines read "7 WHITES, 50 NEGROES DEAD," "FIRES SWEEP BLACK QUARTER IN WAKE OF ALL NIGHT RIOT," "BLACKS CARRY BELONGINGS AS THEY VACATE" and "'KEEP OFF THE STREETS,' PLEA OF POLICE BOSS"