“32” Print Batch Gallery

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A photographic print showing men being loaded on a truck. The photo was taken at 2nd St. looking down Cincinnati Ave. towards the Hotel Tulsa
“African-Americans being loaded onto a truck,” June 1, 1921
Coll. No. 1989-004-5-24
A photographic print showing the burning of the southern end of the Greenwood district from the east, about Archer and N. Trenton.
“View of Tulsa burning from outside of town,” June 1, 1921
Coll. No. 1989-004-5-25
A photographic print showing ruins and rubble. This structure is the back (west) side of the Gurley Building, about 114 N. Greenwood. The photo was taken from Archer St. near Frankfort.
COLL. NO. 1989-004-5-27
A photographic print showing the scene looking up Elgin Ave. from the alley between 1st St. and 2nd St. The Building on the right is the Santa Fe Freight office. Two armed men in civilian attire are walking away from the riot area, while a man and three women walk towards it. In the distance a crowd has gathered.
“RUINS,” JUNE 1, 1921
COLL. NO. 1989-004-5-26
A photographic print showing the burning along Archer the morning of the 1st. This photo was taken north across Elgin Ave. and the Frisco tracks towards Greenwood Ave. (From Dreyfus Bros. Co. on the left to Goodner-Malone on the right at Frankfurt). "32" printed on back. "Riot Tulsa, June 1 1921" written on back. Photos 24-28 are from the same development batch, and notes are in the same handwriting
“Burning of Tulsa along Archer Street,” June 1, 1921
Coll. No. 1989-004-5-28